Donate Miles for Charity

Help make a difference one mile at a time

About Us - What inspired the idea

Unless you are a road warrior or just love to travel, most of us travel only a couple of times a year to perhaps to see family or enjoy a vacation. Unless you are really loyal to a particular airline, you most often are trying to book a flight that has the best price or the best schedule to fit your needs so you are likely to fly on a different airline each time. Most domestic round trips in the US would get you between 2500 - 5000 miles and that is not enough to get you a ticket to any place. In the US you need around 25,000 miles to be able to book a "free" trip.

In the United States, the miles accrued typically expire in about 18 months if there is no activity on that account. The most you could do with the 3000-5000 miles you may have on your account is probably get a magazine subscriptions (400 - 2000 miles for an annual subscription), book a hotel room, get dining coupons or shop for some products.

Many visitors often make a single trip to the US on a US carrier but are not able to take advantage of those miles in their home countries (e.g a visitor from India could accrue 25,000+ points from 1 trip). Many travelers don't signup for a frequent flier program or if they do, allow the points to expire.

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread the word using the power of today's social media such as Facebook and Twitter to educate people that they have the option to donate their miles to worth charities around the world rather than letting the miles expire. While 2000-5000 miles may not buy you much, when pooled together with other like-minded individuals, can be very helpful to many charities. We have identified close to a 100 charities (see Main Menu on left) that are supported by the airlines below

How can I help?

1. If you have miles with the above mentioned airlines or hotel chains, we would request you to look at those accounts and see if you have miles that will expire soon. Rather than letting them expire, please consider donating them.

2. Signup on our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, reminders and news in the area of miles donation. We promise not to bombard you with updates and tweets.

3. If you sign up for it, please share our Facebook page and Twitter feed with your friends and family.